Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Katerina Maresova

I met Katerina at Moda Lisboa, while shooting on backstage. Her beauty was mesmerizing to me, every single time I passed her by I just had to take her picture. It was magnetic. She wasn't really the talkative type, so at some point I was worried I could be upsetting her with all the picture taking. In the end, I kept her email so that I could send her the pictures I had taken.
We talked, I got to know her better, she was really nice and sweet, and she told me she wasn't really having the greatest time there, because she didn't know anyone, and ended up feeling kind of lonely. Being a shy girl who kept to herself, she was getting misinterpreted, which, ultimately, made it harder to connect with others.
Learning this melted my heart, firstly because it's something I can relate to, and secondly because it made me realize that this happens all the time. Someone is feeling lonely and sad, and we take it as arrogance, or being anti-social, or stuck up, without even trying to approach the person in question. We create the story, determine the plot, take our own conclusions and act accordingly.
No benefit of the doubt.
Doesn't seem fair, now, does it?

Anyhow, Katerina was visiting Portugal, last month, so we got to hang out and take some pictures. We had a wonderful time, had long and intimate conversations, and everything felt pretty and light.
We went back to my place and took some pictures in my bedroom. That's when I realized that she had a two-color eye, which I love. Then I took her to one of my favourite coffee shops in Lisbon.

These are the pictures:

And, of course, the selfie:

With love,



  1. Amazing story and pictures. The light is gorgeous, and so the model and the colors ! :)

  2. every photograph here is so beautiful!

  3. As fotografias estão espantosas. Ela é realmente bonita!

  4. I missed your posts! :) The girl is amazing.

  5. as minhas favoritas são a segunda e a terceira :)

  6. nice shooting


    Coline ♡

  7. what is your favourite coffee shop in Lisbon? :)

  8. as tuas fotos são algo de outro mundo. perco-me nelas e derreto-me. uau.

  9. Wow, she's absolutely gorgeous and you took so pretty pictures of her ! A really great collaboration :)

  10. Your photos are so wonderful
    would you mind to tell me what's your favourite film?

  11. Those photos are amazing :)
    Real art. Well done ;)

  12. Always great seeing our Russian girls inspiring people.. :)

    1. Oh, Yulia... I am most definitely -- if not almost exclusively -- inspired by russian girls :)